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Gary does one hour private psychic readings by appointment over the phone where he calls you back at your appointment time.

Gary also does one hour private psychic readings by appointment in person when he is in your area as he travels all over America doing live shows and seminars on a regular basis.

Gary is one of the top Psychics, Mediums, Healers, and Spiritual teachers in the world. Gary is Psychic which means he can answer all of your questions pertaining to your job, career, business, love life, health, money, family, friends or any topic you may have. Gary is a medium which means he can channel and communicate with any of your loved ones that may have passed away and you will know when he is talking to your loved one because he gives specific names, dates, and details only you and that person would know. Gary is a Medical Intuitive/Spiritual Healer. He can see your health and do healings, which means he can tell you any problem you may be having medically as well as to show you how to obtain the ability to physically heal the problem. Gary can get rid of any bad energy such as traumas, depression, anxiety or any negative energy blocks you may have. When he gets rid of the energy blocks it let's your own natural energy flow again and you feel like you are being charged up with life again. Gary is also a Spiritual teacher as he travels all over the world teaching. He can teach you how to get in touch with God your angels so they can help guide you through life. Gary was born Psychic and has been reading professionally for 20 years.

Would you like to have a reading with Gary?  


Hi Gary,
I saw you in December and was hoping to be able to attend one of your upcoming retreats, or at the very least, your next Minneapolis workshop! In my reading, you told me I should look into a different car. I took mine in for an oil change and asked them to check it over. Sheesh!! The lower main engine support mount had completely rusted out and the engine was only being held by the two top brackets!! I now have manifested my very first new car. It may not be the Infiniti I am in love with, but it is a close second, The Azera!! I’m also having more and more vivid meditations. Many are in the 5th dimension and a lot of them are in the dimension of Heaven with God and Co.! Many of my meditations are healing and some I’ve had encounters with my dad who passed away last summer. So awesome!! I send you so much love and many thanks for enriching my life beyond measure!

Please pass this message on to Gary.  I had him read me and my son 2 times this past month.  Please convey my gratitude, the original Doctor that found the Cancer in my son told us today that he originally saw lung cancer and Lymphoma.  We feel grateful that Jerry has only the swollen lymphs at this time and that even if the biopsy turns out positive for cancer, it's treatable... and not lung cancer.  Thank you so so much for the work you've done with the both of us. - H.

Hi Gary,

I had a reading with you over the phone last year. You showed me how to ask God for my soul mate. I wanted to let you know that I met him! I couldn't be happier. I tell God everyday, “Thank you!” and how grateful I am. He showed up at the perfect time. You did say he would be very spiritual, and you were right! I've never met anyone like him. Thank you for helping me, I really appreciate it. 🙂 - Nikki Minneapolis MN


 I just wanted to thank you for the great reading on Saturday. I feel a lot lighter and more clearheaded. I haven't touched marijuana since we spoke and don't plan on going back to it. I've been sleeping well without it. I guess my angels were right saying it was all BS. I will keep you updated on how things go with the healing of my spinal cord injury. I wish I could talk with you once a week. I felt so calm and positive after getting off the phone with you. I look forward to the next time we speak and if you are ever in La Jolla you must come check out my market.

Thank you,

My session with Gary was amazing. From the start, Gary was able to remove the demons that were making my life difficult. He was able to identify different demons on different levels of my being. He also identified distortions of my Higher Self and was able to clear and heal them all. Gary was able to remove the blockages I had to Oneness as well, which is something that was really important to me.

One thing in particular that I found interesting was that as he cleared them, I would notice a change in myself physically i.e. changes in my sinuses clearing up and a deeper, calmer voice. At one point, I felt like a new person - I was overcome with a new sense of confidence.

I felt comfortable and confident with Gary. He definitely knows what he is doing. His demeanor is great as he is friendly and was willing to share his knowledge of the higher planes and heavens. 

S. C.
Toronto, Ontario (CANADA)

On January 10th I had a reading with Gary in Burlingame. I am so happy now. You said I would meet a girl within a month and she would make me happy and was the one for me. I met this amazing woman! We still can’t believe the way we met cause its unexplainable! lol. I just wanted to say thank you for clearing all the bad stuff in my life. I’m looking forward to another meeting when you’re in town!

Thanks again,


Dear Gary,

Thank you so very much for the reading you gave me on Thursday! You have helped me immensely! Since you removed the demons from my daughter, she has been like a different child. Even my mother, who I hadn't yet informed of my reading, commented on how much better her behavior was. Since my reading with you, she has not had one tantrum, when before I spoke to you she was having multiple tantrums a day. In fact, since my reading with you, she has not woken up in the middle of the night once, which was a nightly thing before. I have also been teaching some friends one of the meditations you provided in one of your past newsletters, and everyone loves them. I am also teaching them how to receive spiritual gifts, and I'm still reading your book. I would love to attend one of your Spiritual Retreats! Thank you again for your kindness and all of your help. I truly appreciate it, and I very much enjoyed speaking to you on the phone. You are a wonderfully talented man, and truly the real thing. Thank you for all the people you help, and everything you do!

Yours truly,

S. L.

I wanted to thank you so much for helping me through the difficult passing of my mother recently.  Although her time had come, you were able to make her more comfortable and to give me much needed comfort during a difficult time.  Through your efforts, her lab values almost immediately seemed to correct inexplicably after your work.  I still believe that if I had known of you sooner, she would be with us today.  Thank you for your help in a time of crisis.