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March 2019 – Viva Las Vegas!

On Saturday, March 9th, Gary Spivey lit up the Las Vegas Strip at his all day seminar on abundance at Tahiti Village. For more information on upcoming seminars & workshops in your area, CLICK HERE!


February 2019 – Gary takes Minneapolis By Storm!

Gary went back to one of his favorite places for some winter fun! While in town, Gary did some private readings and a workshop at The Hampton Inn Shakopee.      



January 2019 – Tapping In with Gary Spivey Debuts Season 3!

And they’re back! Gary Spivey and the gang are back for their 3rd season of Tapping In With Gary Spivey (The Online Video Podcast).     



December 2018 – Gary Spivey Shares A Special Christmas Message!

Gary Spivey released a Christmas Meditation Message to his friends, family, & fans on YouTube.   



October 2018 – Gary Spivey Lights Up Halloween Horror Nights!

Gary Spivey along with B103.9’s Big Mama & The Wild Bunch broadcasted live from Universal Studios in Orlando Florida for Halloween Horror Nights!  


October 2018 – Gary Spivey’s Night of Living and Dead!

No Tricks! Just world-renowned psychic and modern day Nostradamus, Gary Spivey! Gary added a Halloween twist to his Live Casino Show at Treasure Island naming the night Gary Spivey’s Night of Living & Dead! Gary answered questions, did some predictions and communicated with loved ones on the other side all while providing spiritual healing and some energy clearing. 


October 2018 – Gary Spivey Comes Back To Minneapolis!

Gary brought his Heaven On Earth Enlightenment Seminar back to Minneapolis MN. this month for a full day of meditation, receiving spiritual gifts and lots and lots of Q & A! 


August 2018 – Did Gary Spivey Remove Ozzy Osbourne’s Demons?

Gary Spivey appeared on A&E’s hit Reality TV show, Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour, helping the Prince of Darkness remove some of that dark energy from his life.


August 2018 – Gary Spivey Launches His Brand New Website!

Gary Spivey changed the look of his online world this month with the rolling out of his brand new re-vamped Please stop by to say hi!

March 2018 – Gary Spivey launches his new FREE Weekly Meditation!

Gary sent out his flagship FREE Weekly Meditation via Text Message this month, and it was welcomed with an AMAZING response! Text the word “GARY” to 797979, to receive your FREE Weekly Meditations.

February 2018 – Gary Spivey holds his 2nd “Heaven On Earth” Workshop of the year in Minneapolis, MN.

Gary kicked off 2018 with 2 Enlightenment Workshops called “Creating Your Heaven On Earth” and taught to a full house in Las Vegas, Nevada in January, and a Sold Out room in Minneapolis, MN. in February!

January 2018 – Gary Spivey held his 1st “Heaven On Earth” Workshop of the year in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Gary kicked off 2018 with an Enlightenment Workshop called “Creating Your Heaven On Earth” and taught to a full house in Las Vegas, Nevada.

January 2018 – RECAP: Predictions That Came True in 2017!

2017 was quite a year for the books and the majority of events that took place, not many people could have ever seen coming, unless your name was Gary Spivey.