Discover How To Receive Gifts From God

and Create The Life You Want

Discover How To Receive Gifts From God

and Create The Life You Want

This is the quintessential teaching on energy and how to tap into it to create the life of your dreams, how to get your own answers, how to totally raise your light vibration and use it to help change the world.

Gary Spivey’s very first course, where it all began!

From Gary’s own private library re-released after 20 years. With Over 5 & 1/2 hours of teaching plus techniques. This audio course is needed now more than ever!

This is for everyone who knows that they’re more than their physical bodies and their limited perceptions. They feel deep within them their spiritual light body and the boundless love that pervades everything.

Blessings From Above teaches you how energy works within you and outside of you, and how that energy affects you and others.

You see, we live in an invisible world of energy where everyone has their physical body and their spiritual or light body. It’s just that most people aren’t aware of it.

Is Everything Energy?

According to science, the simple answer is YES! Everything in this whole universe, in all of creation is made of energy.

Now most of it is positive but you also have what most people don’t like to talk about, either because they don’t know or afraid to share.


Yes, there are demons and dark energies out there that bring your light down and try to stop you from creating that wonderful relationship, or creating your wealth, or just simply being happy.

But it’s nothing to be afraid about because I’ll show you how to get rid of them and awaken your spiritual body.

Your spiritual body just needs a little wake-up call to start receiving your blessings.

Right now you are radiating your very own light and it’s time to get to know it!

Your Light

This is a photograph of a hand using Kirlian Photography and it shows the aura around the hand. The aura is the invisible energy or light that surrounds all living things. 

Product BfA - Healing-Hand

Just because you can’t see it yet doesn’t mean it’s not there, it is.

I’ll be showing you how to see it within this course and it’s easier than you think!

This is what they don’t teach you in school! (Maybe because it will change your whole world view?)

We invite you to sample Blessings From Above audio course!

If you’re ready to begin learning what energy is and experience the powerful simplicity of allowing God’s light in to you, click play below. 

Gary had shown me how to open the door to my higher self and be in touch with the spiritual heaven. I journeyed through similar doors in the past but not a door so immense and not a bridge to brilliant, To see them waiting and wanting to guide me brought me in touch with what I had forgotten and set aside in my earlier years. I now mediate daily strengthening my connection and utilizing the gifts that they had given me. Thank you Gary for your guidance and support.

– Schailar