Wow!  This is an awesome day for me! I found my wedding ring this morning!  And, it was exactly where psychic Gary Spivey said it would be!!! For those of you who don’t know the whole story, here it is in a nutshell:  I thought I lost my wedding ring.  I had the brilliant idea of squirreling it away in my closet one day, then I forgot where I hid it. I really thought I had taped it to the bottom of a pair of painfully cute high-heels that I gave away to Goodwill.  Either that, or it was in the pocket of my beloved jean jacket that was lost on our recent trip to Pittsburgh. My crazy brain went in hyper mode creating possible scenarios because I was sure it was a self-fulfilling prophecy to lose my ring. At any rate, I tore my closet inside out to no avail.
Then, one night, Nils and Anissa came over and Gary Spivey just so happened to call Nils.  Nils said, “Gary, while you’re in your psychic mode, my friend Terri lost here ring….”  So, Gary says ‘it’s there…it’s in or around a book.  A bible or a yearbook….not just any reading book, but one of significance.’  Well, I only have one bible in the house and it’s nowhere near my closet, but I dusted it off and rummaged around the shelf.  NOPE.  Not there.  I even moved on to the family room and cleaned off those bookshelves as well, laughing at myself for covering my wedding albums in Trader Joe’s paper bag. Who does that?!  Still nothing so I had to let it go.
Well, this morning as I’m getting dressed for work, I pull out this old random funky tank top that I was too embarrassed to give away and what pops out and falls to the floor?  MY RING!  Here’s the amazing part…..it was folded into this top in the drawer directly below my diary!  I don’t keep books in my closet.  I have two journals from back-in-the-day that I should some day toss in a fire-pit.  Until then, I keep ’em stashed in my lingerie drawer – outta sight/outta mind – but I had already checked there.  My ring was less than two inches away?!  Gary Spivey was right!!!!!!  Isn’t that bizarre?
Now I’m happy to have found my ring.  And, I’m going to start planning to have a real one-on-one with Gary Spivey.   If he can find my ring, perhaps he can help me re-locate my soul. – T.F

Dear Gary,
I cannot thank you enough for the healing I received through you. I have no insurance and no money to see a doctor. In a matter of a few minutes of telling you the pain I was expeirencing in my right ear, left shoulder, right hip and my left knee, I was COMPLETELY HEALED! It was nothing short of a miracle! Not only did you heal me you healed several of my family members. You spared my son from having the diagnosis of ADHD. In your words you said he is not ADHD he is being attacked in the spiritual world. Because of you I was spared going to the doctors and having endless tests run on me and my son. You cracked volcanic rock from my head and then started working on repairing my skeletal system which was deteriating. I am now able to meditate, see in the spiritual dimensions, and see my spiritual gifts. I am now living pain free and feel such a sense of peace. I have the utmost respect for you and your gift. You are truely a bright light and one of God’s strongest warriors!!
God Bless,

Hi Gary,
Wow! Where to start? I started listening to you a long time ago on KLUC and everytime I asked you about something, you were always right on the dot! You have probably heard how you have changed peoples lives millions of times and I am included in that group. You helped me forgive my mom (we got in an argument two weeks before she passed away and I never got to say I was sorry and to see if she was still mad, now I have!) You saved my Fiances’ life (really) he was having a really difficult time and something was telling him he needed to take his own life (like his dad did) and he asked me to ask you for help and you literally took the suicide demon away (the demon was from his father and came to him and ALMOST took him) and since then he has been fine!  You found our dog that was missing for a full week and he was exactly were you said he was!!!  AND then came the Exorcism on my new house this past month. You came to our new house on your Haunted House tour and got rid of a TON of bad drug and sexual demons and earth bound spirits were sent to the light and my house feels clean and happy now! I can’t express how much you have done for me and my family over the years and I will continue to believe and I think you, Dean and Travis are great!!!  Thank you for being part of my life!!!! – D. Bassett

A Medical doctor reports his own experience with Gary Spivey

I had developed a severe sinus infection after an abscessed wisdom tooth on my upper right last molar was extracted.  I took antibiotics form 10 days and it improved but then returned and did not respond to Intravenous or oral antibiotics.
After 6 more weeks, a CAT scan showed complete opacification of the sinuses on the right side maxillary, frontal and sphenoid.  I was having severe pain and pressure headaches.  Mucous was thick dark green-brown.
I visited 2 ENT doctors who both suggested I get surgery to correct the problem.  I called Gary in desperation to help avoid surgery with general anesthesia as suggested.
Gary immediately saw the problem in my head.  He said I had a dragon like spirit creating chaos in my head.  He worked on me for 30 or so minutes clearing out layers of black stuff from my head. Gary said he was working to create an opening for the sinus to drain as the pressure was building up.
In a few hours I found my nostril was draining copious amounts of clear fluid which lasted many days.  Gary worked on my again the next day and on more time 3 days after.  Each time he cleared away various spirits and layers of black stuff from my head.  

I felt immediately lighter with each treatment and settled mentally and calm peacefulness.
Gary described various aspects of my higher self that needed clearing. He was guided by angels and higher beings to give me various elixirs to drink on the spiritual realms.
I have continued to have sinus drainage from my right nostril.  At first it was dark brown-greenish thick.  Gradually after Gary’s treatments it became watery for a few days and later gradually the drainage became brown again but less thick and slowly it became lighter in color and less copious.  The pain never returned after Gary’s treatments.  The X-rays still show congestion in the sinuses on the right side.
I am still on antibiotics orally and my ENT is suggesting continuing and waiting for clearing as I am getting better.
Awaiting the final clearing of the sinuses and getting off the oral antibiotics.
Michael G., MD

I have my first conversation with Gary yesterday and I was so amazed!  Gary was helping get rid of the demons around and on my home.  He said that there was a dragon on my roof and as he was getting rid of it, it turned into an alligator.  The alligator then exploded and was gone.

Ironically, my son, a gifted child as Gary referred to him, kept seeing an alligator on the ceiling of his room.  I was amazed!  Last night I went home and did sort of a test while putting my child to bed, he looked up at the ceiling and said shadow, no mention of the alligator!

Thank you Gary, bless you~!

Victoria S.

Good Morning Gary,
I attended your work shop on September 26th, 2009 here in Las Vegas and had a had a feeling that stuck with me all day. When we meditated in the morning you lead us to heaven and at one point we looked at the gates before we came back and I saw my Grandmother who died 7 years before. I saw her face clearly and she was smiling, there we several people standing behind the gates but at the time none of the faces really stood out. I immediately felt tears rolling down my cheeks but was confused as to why it would bother me so much to see her as I often see her in my dreams and have never been so upset. When we opened our eyes you went around the room and asked who we saw, when you came to I was still crying and had a hard time talking. The vision stayed with me all day and when I finally had some quiet time at the end of the day I went back over everything again. It was then that I remembered seeing a very small child standing next to my Nana holding onto the gate. I went over the chubby cheeked curly headed child and realized that it was my beautiful 11 month old son who had died 45 years ago. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, we only have a few pictures of him and most of them were when he first born and none of them had him standing. I haven’t dreamed of him in years and when I think of him now its always wondering what he would look like today and and what kind of adult he would have become. I only wish now that I would have recognized him then so I could have asked you how he was and if he’s happy. I live with a guilt everyday of my life thinking that there was something I could have done differently that day so long ago but I can’t change the fact that he’s gone. I feel that we all have a purpose no matter how long we spend on earth and even though we only had Robbie for 11 months we loved him
enough to last my husband and I a life time. I love your live shows and I really came away from your work shop with a lot of new tools to help me with meditation.
Thank you for being a light on my path through life.
Freddie Nicotera

Hi Gary: How are you? I was at your workshop in August 2009 in San Francisco. If you remember at the end you asked us if we would like a little money. I can still hear all the enthusiasm of the crowd in my head. I just wanted to let you know I was gifted an unexpected 12K yesterday. I thought you would get a kick out of this. Have a great day! – Peg

Today I had my first conversation with Gary Spivey. I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted from me now that I have spoken to him. My husband, J, committed suicide about 6 months ago. In some letters from him to me that I discovered after his death, he asked me to contact Gary Spivey to make sure his soul wasn’t “trapped” on earth. We had listened to Gary on the radio often when we lived in Las Vegas and were always amazed by his talents and insights. In J’s letter he said “…I don’t know what happens when you commit suicide but you hear about being trapped in this world. I know it is a lot but can you make sure that doesn’t happen to me? So that means you will have to contact one of those psychic people. I forget the name of the radio station in Vegas, but if you could talk to him (Gary Spivey) – not on the radio – I would really appreciate it.” So, I did and it was healing for me, J, and a lot of other people. Gary helped J find the light, hold hands with an angel, and go up to heaven. J was so happy not to be earth- bound anymore. Gary helped me “see” J, God, Jesus, my little old Granny, and the angels. He also helped me receive a gift from God – my inner child. My joy is back. Perhaps even more importantly, Gary looked at others here on earth still struggling with J’s death. He cleared darkness around me, J’s mom, brother, best friend, and our son. I believe our son is going to be okay now that Gary has intervened. A suicide demon was attached to my son – perhaps the same one that demonized and destroyed my husband. Gary was able to get rid of it, allowing my son’s bright light to shine through. Thank you, Gary for your help and thank you God for receiving J into your arms in heaven. Sincerely, K

Hey! You were right! I just wanted to share with you that you told me last summer that I would conceive after 3 months, and that I would have a boy! And… I stopped taking my birth control pill on February 13th 2007 and we conceived on May 13th 2007 (EXACTLY 3 months!!) and I found out two weeks ago that we are expecting a baby boy!!!! I am very impressed! I always had my doubts about psychics and all of that, but I’d have to say I am a true believer now!! Thanks though and take care!! Sarah

Hi Gary! I just wanted to let you know that I tried your Meditation to Remove Darkness the other day and it was amazing! I’ve really been struggling lately with negative thoughts and depression and when I did this it was like a black cloud lifted right off of me. I even found myself performing random acts of kindness without even thinking about it, I just did it, it floored me! Thanks so much, this exercise means so much to me as a Mother, I want to remain well balanced for my children despite what life throws my way. Thanks again! Angie Dowdle Blaine, MN

Gary, Thank you so much for writing this book. I have listened to you on the radio here in Indianapolis and I have been very impressed with your readings. Even though, I have been a very spiritually sensitive person my whole life I was a little skeptical that the Keys to Heaven book could actually improve my life. But it really has. Not only my life but my husbands as well. My husband has said how I have been glowing. Since I have been following your book, my husband said that I don’t say sorry for every little thing and I have more confidence. I had the confidence to stand up to my verbally abusive sister and I have been at so much peace since. He also said that I don’t seem to worry about everything. Before I felt like I had a voice in my head saying that I couldn’t do anything right. Now I don’t hear that voice. My husband has also been touched by your book. My husband has significantly reduced his beer intake. Before it seemed as though he drank about every night. He has been much happier and our marriage has greatly improved. Thank you so much. You and this book really are a gift from God. Josie

Gary, My husband and I went to see you at Boulder station in February ( and yes I dragged him there)!!! He always thought I was nuts , but he truly enjoyed himself and now see’s that the unseen world does exist!!! Your a great wonderful loving person!!!! When I’m around you I truly feel love and peace… When we’re at the seminar( you said someone’s thinking about a house) I said I claim that, God handed me my golden keys and told me it was my house which he was blessing me with and that he loves me. Well to no surprise we moved in on May 6th!!!! I ‘ve been blessed by your teachings and I’ll see you on the 26th in Vegas!!!! Linda

Gary, I had a reading with you in Jan.,2006. It was a very accurate reading concerning my Father’s health and his many problems (he’s still here as you said he would be), my Mom’s health, and my nephews & nieces. At the time you told us one of my nieces was going to have a baby and we thought you were talking about the oldest who had miscarried – HOWEVER the younger one was about 6 weeks pregnant but wasn’t ready to divulge it ( she was a Sr. in high school and with someone the family didn’t approve). So, you were SO accurate with the reading, I was amazed! Sincerely with much Thanks, B. Davis

Hi Gary, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my graditude for the guidance you have given me in my journey to explore my options in my health situation. I had a brain aneurysm rupture 2 1/2 years ago and at a check-up to determine if the procedure was successful to correct the situation, it was discovered the aneurysm was beginning to reform through the coils they had placed to block the blood flow. They were recommending that I had brain surgery to clip the aneurysm. It was a huge decision because there was a 20% chance of my vision being affected. In my current position, a dentist, I would not be able to continue to work if this occured. You met with me and said that if I did not do this procedure within 6 months, I would not live. You also said that you thought my vision would be fine, 95% chance. This made me realize that yes, I do need to do this. When the surgeons came to see me after the surgery their response was “it was ugly in there”. The coils had penetrated the artery and the artery had gotten very very thin at the mouth of it. I was a timebomb waiting to go off. Thank you Gary, for the confidence and insight you gave me in dealing with this major issue. The mere fact that you told me that I wouldn’t live rather than sugar coating the situation helped save my life. Thank you for using your gifts in such a positive manner. Sandy Houck

I feel so blessed to have been led to your book Gary and to have become aware of God and his world around us. It is now part of my daily life! Thanks you so much for all of your work! My wife has begun reading your book now and just finished the first meditation last night, she cried healing tears during the meditation, it sounded beautiful. I cannot wait to meet you someday soon. God Bless you and all of your hard working staff. Best, Joe

I came to you for a reading on December 8, 2006 when you were in Las Vegas. Let me tell you how much you have changed my life! I feel at peace internally for the first time in my life. My past now makes sense to me, and my future looks bright. I no longer stress and worry. I know I am being taken care of and I can focus on what I need to focus on. By the way, after my reading, the first week (specifically the first 3 days) every one I saw was asking me: ‘What happened to you? You look different! What’s going on with you? ‘ I was truely happy for the first time in my life from the inside out! Thank you! I purchased numerous copies of your books for others as Christmas gifts; in the hope they will get out of your book everything and more than I did. I have read your book twice and am on my third reading. Each time, I get something new from it. Thank you for writing this book. It has become my bible. Again Gary, I want to thank you from my heart for what you have done for me. God Bless You. Colleen

Hi Gary, I have been using your Cd’s and doing the meditations since right before Christmas, I am amazed at how much better I feel from doing this. The most amazing thing happened on Christmas Day. I had done the healing meditation on Christmas Eve and had visited with my Mom while I was in heaven ~ she passed away on Christmas Day, 1998; Christmas’s have been difficult for me and my siblings since my mom’s death but this Christmas was wonderful, we were all together and had a great day. When we were looking at the pictures that both my brother and I took on Christmas morning we saw “orbs” on 2 of the pictures, one from his camera at his house and one from mine ~ both are digital. When we zoomed on the orb in my brother’s picture of his 3 girls, there above my nieces head I swear we could see my mom’s face, we were so happy to know she is with us. There is another picture of me and my husband and kids and that orb is over my heart, I don’t see her face in that one but rather an image of an infant! I showed these pictures to people at work and they were amazed! I know what you think of “orbs” and I do believe my mom was coming down to say “hey” to us on Christmas; I have since Christmas visited her a couple of times in heaven during my meditation and she always kisses me and says she loves me. Thank you Gary for your book and Cd’s! Cheryl

Hi Gary, I had a reading with you a few months ago. Everything we discussed unfolded as you predicted. It was truly an amazing experience. I am writing to you today, as you requested, to give you some truly remarkable feedback of the work that you did for my son – Matthew. Matthew is 7 years old and was diagnosed with autism when he was 2- 1/2. During our conversation, I asked you if you could help Matthew. You explained that you have worked extensively with children afflicted with autism. You contacted Matthews spiritual being and told him that it is alright to make eye contact with others. I really didn’t know what to expect, and frankly, didn’t have much hope that I would see any results. I have to tell you that since your help, Matthew now looks long and deep into everyones eyes – it is like a miricle! It is as if he is truly seeing his family – his mom, sister, and myself, for the first time. My family owes you our thanks. Thank you again Gary. God bless you. Robert Craig

Hi Gary, I’m curious to find out why my 2 year old daughter, Chelsea, prefers to read your book over her animated Disney story books. Is “Your Keys To Heaven” talking to her? I would assume a 2 yr old would prefer colored story books than a book that has few pictures and is full of writing in black and white colors. Just thought you would find that interesting! Joyce

Dear Gary, I just wanted to say what a thrill and pleasure it was to talk with you. I had waited for a long time for you to do a private reading with me. You really made me realize how awful my marriage really was and to go forward with the divorce. He did sign over the house to me just like you said. You did say if I waited he would change his mind. I am really glad I acted quick. He is now seeing a women in his apartment building and I suspect she will try to advise him on our divorce . Thank you for pushing me to make a good decision. I do see how miserable I was with this selfish man I was living with. I will no longer be treated like a piece of furniture again. I was also very touched by what you said to me. You told me I was a good person. I was taken aback by that remark because my soon to be ex made me feel like a horrible person. Thank you for such a kind remark. I also received your book Your Keys To Heaven. I am connecting to my angels and speaking to God. I think I feel my angels around me and I sometimes feel God talking to me. Thank you. I also want to thank you again for the wonderful reading I had in October with you and I love your work and you. Peace, Love and Hope, Donna from PA.

I just wanted to email you to say hello, and I still think you are the greatest! I hope you remember me. Remember when you came to Las Vegas and got rid of the hundreds of spirits that were in my son’s house. KLUC did “The Most Haunted House in Las Vegas”. I think of you often, and I always listen to you on KLUC every week. When you were here, you did some psychic healing on Chris. Remember, he had seizures since he was 6 years old. I just wanted to let you know that he has not had a seizure for 3 years now. They stopped right after the last time we saw you.
I am very confident that God went through you to heal Chris. Chris also reduced his medicine to half a dose. He is now able to drive! The spirits and demons do not bother him much anymore. I just can’t thank you enough during my life for what you did for us. I just wanted to give you an update. Take Care and Write Back Soon! Love Always, 
Cheryl Cohen The Most Haunted House in Las Vegas

Gary, You are a rockstar. After studying metaphysics for 11 years I thought I’d seen and heard it all. But your c.d.s have changed my mind. I have been helped so much that I feel like I have been bumped up to a new level with my abilities. I cannot thank you enough. Big love, Gae Thornton

My daughter has been a cutter for a couple of years now, and after she heard you explain the cutter demons on the radio last winter she was able to stop for a while. She had an emotional crisis this week and I took her to the hospital after she cut herself and threatened to kill herself. The hospital recommended outpatient care, which she replied “I want Gary!” You would have cried to see the faith this 14 year old child has in you. Thank you so much Gary! We were at the Treasure Island Casino yesterday and I noticed she’s like her old self again, happy! Thanks again so much for taking care of my daughter Waaban (Sunrise). Take care, Angela

Thank You! Thanks for the retreat Gary. I am so happy to have a friend like you. It doesn’t matter if I am not face to face with you or at your house, as long as I have this happy feeling knowing that I will be helped spiritually, that is all that matters. The retreat was an AWESOME period. During the teaching not only did you answer all of the questions that I had (and there were alot of them) but taught me even more. I am proud to be part of that group that helped to raise the level of energy as well as the light to a higher level. I always had a feeling that I am part of something and that I have a higher purpose. I know that there will be more important events that I will have to take part in and it makes me feel good. When I was driving back to the bay area I realized something. If I believed in all of this 50% from last retreat I believe in it 90 to 100% this time around. If someone had said what a wierd looking person you are as they looked at your myspace profile I would have never stood up for you and what I believe and would not have told them they are wrong about you, but this time around I will standup and tell them. Thanks for all the love and light. BTW… that little boy is awesome. He remind me of my self growing up and he made me feel very happy inside just by looking at him. Thanks again, David S.

Dear gary, Many , many interesting things have happened since I left your hotel last evening but the most important one was, of course, the experience I had with my daughter. I told her I had been to see a friend who wanted me to give her special blessings and I removed the four golden halos from my heart and laid them on her head and kissed her each time. She gave me a look like I was crazy but was happyI was home. No single outburst lasted more than a few minutes last night. There was no flailing or anger or “psycho baby” attitude. She read her book, did her homework and crawled into my bed and fell asleep fairly early for her. She woke up and got herself dressed and went to school happy, no arguing. When I asked her to give a message to her teacher, she said’ “I can’t say it just like that, but I’ll do my best, OK?” Who is this child Gary????????? Thank you so much! Love, Marcy S.

Hi Gary, Happy Spring! Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my reading with you. (I was the ‘challenging child’ who had her earthbound unborn twin attached to me spiritually, who at the end of the reading, God came down and touched my head.) OK, most people reading that would think the person writing that statement was on drugs, but I know you will remember me by it. Anyway, here are some comments (random order) since then…I called my mom the next day and said, “Mom, when you were pregnant with me, at any time during or after the pregnancy did anyone tell you that you were pregnant with twins?” She paused for a few seconds and said, “…No.” From that interchange, I instantly knew two things: Indeed, I had a twin. (I’ve since named her Lauren.) I now know how I could have spent 10 years with my ex-husband and believed his lies…because my mother lied to me/us whenever it is/was convenient for her Anyway, it didn’t make me angry. It was this huge “A-ha!” moment for me. I instantly forgave my mother and made it better for her but remembered your words, “When you hear the truth, you will feel warm.” The entire week after the reading I slept a lot…it’s like I took God’s words, “You’re tired” to heart and said, “Yes, I am, so I’m going to sleep.” I’ve been much less anxious since my reading with you. I’ve been praying my ‘old style’ and also trying to focus on “going up to the clouds to talk to God” too. I imagine myself at the beach when I do that, walking up into the sky and talking to him. I went to the Auto Show the next day and did find a car that I want to buy (as you mentioned) – well two cars – one dream car, one practical one. The woman with Alzheimer’s spirit who had attached herself to me (that you sent back to Buffalo to go back into her body) died on 3/7. It was a blessing for her. Our reading was Friday night, 3/3 and I had Monday off. I had just gotten back to work and Peg, her daughter, wasn’t here. I was flying thru emails to see if she had written about her mom. She was driving to work from Buffalo. She got the word just as she pulled into the parking lot that her mom had passed and came in crying. And it was so weird…I felt so connected to her and that her mom knew I would take care of her and say the right things to her, which I did (but without the drama). You told me I’d be much more clarivoyant after the reading. But what I’ve noticed…well this is going to sound weird, but I was in the bathroom the other day and this woman I work with who I sensed was in emotional pain popped into my head and I was thinking, I wonder what is up with Sara? Something is wrong. I walked out of the stall and was washing my hands and out walks Sara from another stall. That kind of flipped me out…I realized I was picking up her vibe in that space, which is why I was thinking about her / her issues. That type of thing has happened a few times recently…where I was reading people in the immediate vicinity. But the bathroom experience really hit me…I was like, OH, that’s what Gary was talking about. I feel more in tune with myself since the reading.So, those are my initial reactions / thoughts that I wanted to share with you. Oh, and I decided if I ever come into a lot of money, I’d offer my entire family / friends readings with you. I hope you are well Gary. Thank you again for the extra time you spent with me and the phenomenal reading! With sincere best wishes and good energy, Karen Baglin

Hello Gary! I recently had a reading with you. My name is Candie and I have two autistic twins named Aaron and Hunter. I just wanted to give you an update. We are seeing some better changes in Aaron since Sunday. He has not had any lashing out episodes since and Hunter has not been screaming when Tammy comes in the mornings, in fact, the other morning, Hunter opened the door for her! When she leaves at night he has been touching her palms of her hands as to say bye…WOW! Brady has been wonderful Gary!! He’s been in a great, happy mood since Saturday! He said, “I love you mom” when he leaves for school!! I just want to cry I am so happy!!! You are so wonderful!! I have not felt so happy in a long time!!! God Bless!! – Candie

Gary, I just wanted to thank you for spending extra time with your crowd in Vegas. I am one of your many fans, and just couldn’t believe how much time that you spent talking with all of us after the show. I was very impressed. I am the girl who works with organ and tissue donation, AKA cadaver girl, and you lifted the earthbound spirits around me. Thank you again so much. I have told everyone about you, and hope to be able to attend your next show. I am also excited to listen to the Meditation cd that I purchased. I really used to feel more spiritual and had more “feelings” before, so I realize that meditation is the way to go for me but still never make time. I am going to recommit to meditate even for just a few minutes everyday. Your show was so great in teaching people about meditation and spirituality. Thanks again Gary!! Hope to see you again soon, Jill Hamilton

Gary, I once asked myself if there was a “Higher Power” out there controling my destiny or if I alone controled it..Reading your inspirational messages and news letters has drawn me to the conclusion that it’s actually both! There is a “Higher Power” above me and we both can contribute to my destiny. I believe that we are constantly being sent “messages” through our lives. It’s our inability to take the time from our hectic lives to listen that makes us feel out of control. Through your web site I have learned to listen and see the universe around me and through meditation connect with that universe. It’s been amazing! some of the answers I have been seeking have been right in front of me this whole time! Just like your latest newsletter stated..I just had to take the time to see, and a lot of time the answers were not that complicated. It also made me realize that our lives here on earth really don’t need to be all that complicated..like you stated in your newsletter it’s the little things that matter and let me tell you when that finally “clicks” your world becomes so much more pleasant. You see things you never saw before. You smile so much more! Thank you Gary for the inspiration! Warm regards, Jennifer Kaiser

Hi Gary, I had a 1 hour reading with you here in Las Vegas and I must admit, I don’t know how you did it but…I feel so much more focused and energetic!! I wish before the reading I would have read or known more about you…I would have loved to learn how to keep the negative energy away…Thank you for when you freed me from the negative energy..I am most grateful… I’m sure our paths will cross again…I will find out when your retreats are. Thank you. Ciao, Anna

Dear Gary- Your meditation CD is awesome! My son, who is said to be schizophrenic has greatly improved after listening to it. He claims that the demons he sees and voices are at bay. He begged me to try it since I run around like a maniac trying to make ends meet. I found myself surrounded by gold light and was full of peace!! I don’t think I ever felt like that before!. I am now on a mission to try to have angels come into my life and to try to be more in tune with the positive aspects. Thank you!!!! Thank you, Leonore

Gary, I just wanted to say thank you so much for meeting with me in Ojai on Monday, September 12th. It was such an honor and blessing to meet you. I feel so privledged to have spoken with you. You enlightened me on my mother’s death, marriage, career, finances, etc… I don’t feel so much guilt about my mother’s death and I actually understand and feel more comfortable since I’ve read your newsletter and you’ve informed me that heaven is a wonderful place that puts a lot of people at peace and they always seem to be happy. You know that’s all I ever want is for others to be happy. Like you told me I am very happy with my career and feel so comfortable. Working and being successful means everything to me. Then we also spoke about me getting into properties / investing and I am REALLY pursuing this. That has been a long life dream for me and I often found my husband holding me back so I just laid it on the line that it is something I am doing. Anyways I loved spending the time with you and honestly didn’t want it to end. I am so fascinated by what you can do. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future in the beautiful town of Ojai. Thanks so much and lots of love. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers (along with everyone else in the world – ha ha). P.S. I missed the first showing of you on Family Plots but was able to see the re-run a couple of weeks ago and I just got this big smile on my face seeing and hearing you again. You are amazing and I loved the show!!! A. Russo

Gary, I have learned and changed a lot since my first retreat. I have started seeing things clearer now. What is more interesting is that now I am more in control of my anger toward others (of any type). We are all the same and we are all from the same place. I feel more happy and warm, it’s a constant feeling of being loved, and it’s an awesome experience. I know I need more work on my spirituality but the one or two steps forward that I have taken already feels like a big change. I have been trying to put my healing gift to use more and more, it’s amazing how well I can heal myself when I am sick and it’s amazing how all the animals are attracted to me now (kinda Funny :)). I want to thank you Gary for being the spark in this change. I would also like to thank the Doghouse too…too bad they are not with us on the air (they made it possible to hear you). Thanks! D. Simon

Gary, I spoke with you when you were in Nashville and you healed my back and enlightened me about my children. I thank you very much. Your talent truly is a blessing from above!!! God Bless – Star

Gary, I just wanted thank you and the angels for your accurate predictions of conquering 5 week accelerated physics course.(containing four months worth of material) You and the angels were right!!! I made a “B”!! Now, I can breath again. Wheeeeeew!!! Hallelujah!!! My fear of this course was the only thing that held me up from following my passion of attending medical school (D.O.) in the first place.(Apart from divine time.) I can’t believe it…I just found out!!! And, I am estatic!!! I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you… Spiritual doors continue to open.I continue to visit Heaven. God and the Angels continue communicating with me. I LOVE IT!! I have lost 20 pounds so far. I have started to work out and tone up. And, I feel as though I am coming into myself again…yet so much more! I feel great! I feel as though a weight has lifted. I have also become more aware of how mentally unstable my ex-boyfriend was. You were right. It was better to make a clean break. He has tried to catch me offgaurd via impromptu telephone calls and has made threatening statements with which I have tried to diffuse. I have tried to be nice and supportive. However, I admit that I am a little afraid. Nonetheless, I have full faith and confidence that God and the angels will offer protection. Anyway, I know that you are busy. But, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the fact that you bring so much LIGHT into the lives of others. I agree that it’s all about helping others and fullfilling our purpose. That’s what I want to do. Thats what its all about. I want to make a difference in the world…one person at a time. Thanks again Gary!!! Keep up the good work! It’s not in vain. May you have peace, light, and love Tonya Carter from Greenville, North Carolina.

Gary, I would like to take the time to thank you and the angels for your powerful and inspiring teaching and hopitality at the retreat. Since the retreat, so much has happend. A great transformation is taking place. It’s just like a great weight has been lifted and is being taken away piece by piece. It hasn’t been easy.Some days, it has been quite overwhelming. In many ways, it has been quite freeing. I can see and hear the angels much more clearly. Daily meditation has brought me much more closer to God. I also had to start cleaning my spiritual house (so to speak). I continue to give away many old clothes, old things, old ways of thinking). I even had to finally break my six and a half year relationship with my ex-boyfriend off (it was not healthy for me). Ironically, every since I did that, I haven’t been hungry anymore and I have started and continue to loose weight. I can even see the difference in my clothes. I am so excited!! Now, I almost have to remind myself to eat. When you and the thirteen year old young man took off the shackles, I was unaware that it would free me from so many issues. Thanks Gary. When I got back, I had two dreams alerting me to the fact that my true passion is to attend medical school to become an osteopathic doctor.(a D.O.- holistic and conventional medical practioner). All I have to do is to take some prerequisites (I stepped out on faith and I am now taking physics this summer session…egats!!!) Anyway, I realize that this is just a weeder course and I have asked God and my angels for help…if this is His Will. Also, some miracles have happened. One of my severely medically and mentally impaired patients- a ten year old girl- out of the blue, repeated three words that I had just said to her. Before then, she had not spoken a day in here life!!! I was in total shock. Anyway, I am not totally sure what God and the angels have in store for me. It is still being revealed. I am really not sure how to go about it. Today, I had scheduled a half and hour reading with you on Aug 6. That was the earliest available date. If there is a cancellation, it could be earlier. I look forward our reading as I am sure God and the angels will reveal even more details. I am also interested in the advanced retreat in September. I feel some excitement in regards to my spiritual journey. (Before, I felt a sense of unworthiness and anxiety…although, I love God so much). I am so glad I got this chance to correspond with you. Thanks again for my enlightened beginning. Love, Tonya Carter. (From, Greenville, North Carolina.)

Gary, My name is David Chan, I had a reading with you last August 2004 and it was wonderful. But I’m writing this to you because I am now able to contact with my angel. His name is Jacob and he flashes lights and makes my eyes twitch. I’ll ask a question and say 1 for yes and 2 for no, and he’ll make my eyes twitch. It is so cool. Thanks, David

I just wanted to write and thank Gary for all the work he has done with my boyfriend, Kevin and me. We had the opportunity to meet with Gary a few months ago when he was here in Minnesota. At the time, Kevin had been battling severe health problems that none of the doctors could diagnose. He was very ill and in most cases, unable to work. He was suffering from Asthma (which he never had before), kidney problems, aches and pains, weakness, face rash, vision loss, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, he even fell asleep driving a few times and crashed his car. We were desperate to find answers and treatment. Of course, the many doctors he saw wanted to treat him for each individual problem and loaded him up with prescription drugs. He refused to take them, and we went to see Gary instead. Gary explained to us that what Kevin was experiencing was a spiritual crisis – he was basically doomed health wise unless he “woke up”. Gary spent a great deal of time ridding Kevin of the demons he had inside his body that were wreaking havoc on our lives. He also gave Kevin a gift to be able to kill these demons himself. Immediately after our session with Gary – Kevin’s health improved. His energy was restored and he was as healthy as before. It was truly a miracle. A few weeks after that, Kevin had a difficult time believing that he was healed. He resorted back to his physical reality where it didn’t make sense to be perfectly well in a moment when doctors had been scaring him with another very dark outcome. He began to question if it was real – and slowly his health started to decline again. I kept reminding him that it was his responsibility to remain healthy by killing the demons himself. Gary had given him a great gift – but he was relying on his one time healing instead of treating himself daily to stay in his new found state of health. It just goes to show how very powerful the mind is – and how we can cling to the concrete reality that we are taught by our culture (peers and doctors, etc…) I made him throw away his medications, reminded him to start praying, taught him to meditate, and told him to use the gift that Gary had given him. I told him to have faith. Something he never had before this. I’m sure that in Gary’s wisdom, he anticipated Kevin’s need for further help – which is why he gave him the gift to heal himself. After many talks and cheer leading sessions, and encouragement, Kevin started training himself to think differently. His health has returned again – slowly, day by day. This has given him more confidence in the fact that what Gary did for him and what Gary gave him was very real. I think it is important to say that all forms of healing take place from within. And we have to take an active roll in our own life – primarily with our thought patterns and attitudes. I’m so thankful to Gary for teaching us that. Kevin is now healthy, changing his life, changing careers, and we just got engaged. Everything is going well for us – and Kevin is learning what faith is all about. He is setting a great example for his children – its awesome that they have been able to see their dad get better by opening up spiritually and becoming a different, better person and father. Thank you Gary! We love you!!! Di and Kevin Stillwater Minnesota

Gary, You are amazing. A few months ago I wrote in to your Question & Answer section about my son, Jason. He passed away 13 years ago and I have felt such guilt and just wanted to hear from him. The things you revealed in your answer (Newsletter #8) were right on. I never told you how Jason died but you hit the nail on the head! You also mentioned an older woman who came through in regards to my work, and I do think I remember her. I never thought what I do at work made that much of a difference, but just holding someone’s hand as they pass can go on for eternity! Thank you. Susan

Dear Mr. Spivey, I want to thank you for calling on me tonight. I have been driven to open up my spiritual connections with the universe and with all that is around me. I was calling on my guides to help me find some peace tonight. I instantly had a feeling to go to the computer and just do my normal email and surfing. Then your name popped into my head- not a coincidence:) I logged onto your website. It’s amazing how things are clearer than I could imagine. I attempt to listen to you every Thursday morning at 8 a.m. on the Morning Zoo-Las Vegas and everytime I listen I wonder what you look like. I saw: white hair and glasses-very serious. But that was my right brain thinking: that what you share is serious: seer-I-us. You and I makes us: we are all connected. But they were telling me tonight to: LIGHTEN UP. Then when I saw you on your website…I smiled with delight. Thank you. I am working on cleansing my body, mind, and spirit to allow for clarity and purity. Though, I have no excuses. I know I must JUST DO IT. I am challenged by the demons that I seem to like having around me because I am fighting my inner child. I know what is best and I am acknowledging it by writing to you and accepting the universal law of cause and effect. I am asking you to help me in my ventures to become closer to my “purpose” which I know is within me and is all around me. The purpose to give and to love by learning, doing ,creating, and becoming all the time. I ask Gary if you could in your oh so busy day or week to think of my demons and ask them to leave me. I too am doing my part by asking them to leave like you shared to do on the Morning Zoo. Think of a golden light coming down through the crown chakra and feel the tingling and warm sensation. It works, but asking for help never hurts, right? I am asking all the time and know when it is the right time, my prayers and requests will be answered. Thank you once again. I look forward to talking to you personally in the next couple of months via phone reading. It is meant. We are blessed to have human-beings like you on earth that help to guide us on our path. And I thank the Morning Zoo too. Bless it Be!

Hi Gary- I found very interesting what you said about demon energy being very bad last Thursday and Friday. My car’s “check engine” light came on Thursday evening although the car was running just fine. Come to find out (on Friday morning) the battery (fairly new battery, I might add) was shot. Thinking of the car as an extension of me, I guess they tried to get me, but had to settle for Delco! Love your insights and as always I learn so much from you. Love, Chris

I can’t even hear your voice without every hair on my body standing up! It’s so funny, I LOVE IT!
Thank you for what you do. I use you alot in my head when I have “work” to do, you’ve helped me overcome my fear of what happens to me when i go to bed. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I very much look forward to meeting you before I die (you’re on the list! You and Richard Simmons and Gus Hanson and Oprah……a girl can dream!). THANK YOU! God continues to bless you!
 – Nicholle, Farmington, MN.

I have only known Gary for a few weeks and luckily the third time I heard him on the radio I was able to get through. I asked about a friend of mine I was close to, who had passed away several years ago. Gary said things to me that only me and my friend would have known about – thus making me a true believer of his abilities!! I will be calling him again very soon! Lynzy, Memphis, TN.

Dear Gary, I just opened your recent newsletter and started reading about the demons and how last Wed/Thur. were really bad days. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. All heck broke loose in my life particularly at work and with my teenager. It has been very bad, I work with a very mean, godless woman that sends shivers down anyone that crosses her path. The boss won’t do anything about her and she makes my life a nightmare. The boss isn’t much better and proclaims to be a christian but uses people against one another. I am going to take your advice and create my gold bubble because I don’t know what else to do. The odd thing is??? This morning on the way to work, I thought about emailing you for some unknown reason (I’ve never contacted you before) and your newsletter got to me. Thanks, Diana

I’ve only been in touch with my angels for about a month, but I just moved to Wichita, Kansas and my car got stolen. I meditated and meditated and I asked for guidance from my angels to find my car….the next day my car was found and unharmed. I truly believe in my angels and wish that others could tune in. I have been through recent, tremendous turmoil in my life and I truly believe that the higher being ( whatever you choose to believe) only gives you what you are able to handle. When
it seems like the worst has happened to you and you cant handle it-there is a reason. It (higher being) is actually making you a stronger person for things to come. Thank you Gary for touching a friend who could relate such a strong message and gift to me without even talking to you!
I cant describe how knowing has made a difference, but its amazing and wonderful and it feels good. ~L.

Hi Gary, Happy new year and I can’t wait to come to your next spiritual retreat – why you might ask??? What I write below: Feel free to share with anyone or add to your newsletter or book.. I hope it helps someone.
October 25, 2004 – I was in a head on car accident. Upon impact I screamed out “OH GOD” making real sure God heard me – so if I was to die, I was going right to the light, or if I was to live there would be minimal physical damage to my body or any at all. I lived and have only my right leg to heal, the bone is already healed, and now am working on the ligaments with physical therapy starting this last week of Dec. The first week I was confined to bed, then I got a wheelchair and was able to spin my wheels around the house. In this precious time of healing, I have come to realize that I was a “WHAT IF PERSON” and a not DOING PERSON. Meaning I was always thinking well what if this happens, then what, nickel and diming myself to death. Like Gary says in the Volume 6 newsletter: “It’s very important that you live in the now, the present, and right this second identify who you are, where you are, and what you are. What’s going on in your world?” I couldn’t have put it better myself, I have come to realize that walking is a gift – a gift from God. Who are you??? A child of God – created from God – wow take a moment and think about that – powerful!! Where are you?? We’re all here on earth – thats fine and dandy, but where are your thoughts??? Your thoughts create into your real world, are you thinking positively or negatively. Change your thoughts and you change everything about your world. In God’s love, 

Hi Gary, I just wanted to let you know that I took your advice and started working for a mortgage company call Mortgage Elite, about 1 month ago. Things are going great and my first closings are scheduled for next week. Thanks so much for letting me know what direction to go in life to support my family and purchase our first house in the spring is my goal. I wish you and your staff the greatest year ever in 2005. Thanks, with all my heart, ~Rick

Psycho Demons

Hi Gary, I spoke with you on the phone today for just a few moments. I had asked you about me being attracted to another man outside of my current relationship. You had told me that I had “psycho sprits” that were attached to me and directing me toward that man. You had also told me the man I was being attracted to and I had had “bad sex”. I was so shocked that you were able to see that. Yes, we had been together once years ago, before my current relationship. YOU WERE RIGHT, the sex was bad. You also told me I was like a bloodhound which is definitely ME to a tee. When I smell things it either brings me back to a memory or drives me crazy. Anyway, when we spoke you released them while we were on the phone. You were right, I felt much lighter afterward. Thank you so much Gary. I have always known that they were around, (and I knew they were psychotic as well). ~Lisa

Hi Gary, I listen to you on wild 94.9 and I think you’re awesome and what you do is just amazing and I want to make a note of a reading you had done on a cousin of mine and it was so accurate it’s unbelievable! So I wanted to thank you so very much for everything you do.Nick – Antioch/USA

Dear Gary,
I’m not sure exactly where to start, but I guess I’ll start by saying for the last 2 to 3 years, I’ve depended, on how my day would go by my zodiac sign. And not to say that it was completely wrong, but it had it’s “hit’s and misses.” Some days were right on and others were way off! Also in the last three years, I started having really bad nightmares. So many things seemed to be weighing me down. (I guess it seems kind of hard to explain) My Grand-mother-in-law, (she’s from Mexico) her faith is very strong, suggested burning white candles next to my bed. This seemed to help the nightmares, but my days were still up and down. (I don’t mean for this to sound like a commercial, but)
The very night I received Volume 1 of the “Enlightenment Series”, I sat down to listen to it. And after about 6 to 10 minutes, I felt a warmth around my upper arms, as if I was being embraced or hugged. It was so comforting, almost like being held by my mother. (but my mother is alive and 100 miles away) Needless to say I absolutely try to make time to meditate every day. I don’t feel like I have to look at my zodiac sign everyday any more. Mostly because I don’t feel the dread of 1 or 2 star days. I’m completely looking forward to the depression CD , volume 2. Things feel so much better right now, I don’t even want to ask for any gifts. I’m kind of in a, “if it’s not broke don’t fix it,” mode. It really feels as though a great weight has been lifted off of me. I’m so grateful.
Thank you so much gary!!!!!

Dear Gary, I wanted to thank you for a healing you gave to my sister on 11/24/04. You gave me comfort knowing that she will have the wonderful life she deserves. Laura – Chino, USA

Gary, I have had one session in person with you, and a couple over the phone in the past few years. I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) when I was five, and was on mind numbing drugs for it until I was twenty-three. I had a session with you a couple of years ago, and you told me I needed to come off of the drugs because it was affecting my body and soul like crack cocaine would. You also taught me that it was suppressing my spiritual gift which was in fact my OCD. I am twenty-four now, and I have been drug free now for almost a year. I have never felt better! I am finally at peace enough with my life that I am back in school and following my true path in life. I also attracted my soulmate which was my greatest desire in my life when I spoke to you last. He helped and encouraged me to come of the drugs. Cassie T.- Covington, GA

I wanted to thank you. Your efforts were aimed at a radio host in my area, but while you were getting rid of one of his demons, one of mine responded to your exorcism request. I feel so much better! THANKS!!!
 Kim – Trafford/USA

I would like to thank you so much for helping me in the session that I had with you about a month ago. During that session, you said that I had a key and, with your help, I was able to unlock information from the world so that I would know what my soul knows, and that I would start to feel better and know more instinctively about spiritual things. From that day forward I have been meditating nearly every day and taking steps to improve myself. For years I have had severe anxiety while driving that prevented me from going on freeways and made it difficult to even drive in residential neighborhoods. Now, I’ve been driving on the freeway and feel confident that I am overcoming this phobia. I also do not have the same feeling of hopelessness and depression that I have suffered from for so long. I would like to thank you so much for helping me and giving me the knowledge of conquering the demons in my mind that have kept me from moving ahead with my life. God bless you. Gina

I had a reading with Gary and he was terrific! He knew exactly what was going on in my life. My sister didn’t believe in him until I had my reading.
Thank you so much!
– Jennifer, Sunnyvale,U.S.A

I just wanted to thank you for giving my sisters and brother in law the time to meet with us today. I am Julie (the drama queen) and you met with my two sisters Jodi and Chris and my brother in law Jeff today (Tuesday). You have truly awakened me and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am! I would love you be able to meet with you again when you are in town, or even if to just talk over the phone. I do have concerns about my children, especially my 14 year old daughter Taylor, who is struggling right now.Anyway, I appreciate how you helped me “get it”, and look so forward to leading a much more fulfilling and spiritual life thanks to your help and guidance.Thank you again!
– Julie Daulton-Saad

Dear Gary,
I went to see you some time ago at a club here in MN. You help to put my mind at ease over the death of my life long foster-daughter, (Shannon Hermans, she was 19 and 5mos pregnant), who was killed in a tragic vehicle accident which was hard enough to come to terms with, but I was more upset to think that she might not be at rest; It was my daughter who had called my attention to this possibility. After our session my daughter no longer experiences her presence in our home as before. Thank you again. 

Shine On,
– Beth A. Kirkham-Wille

Thank You!
Dear Gary, I’ve had one session with you and I purchased and listened to your CD many times. I even converted them into MP3’s so I can listen to them in my “ipod- like” media device when I’m in the car or when I’m about to sleep. You have done wonders in my life Gary, and thank you for sharing your gifts with us.
 – Antonio Lagnada

Dear Gary,
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! To all others reading this…Gary’s Spiritual Gifts CD is a great way to keep the positive energy flowing into your life!! Thanks Gary – and waiting patiently for your next CD release! 
– Rick, Minneapolis, Mn.

Dear Gary,
Another wonderful reading! This is our 3rd session & we just are amazed at how truly gifted you are! Thanks again & many, many, blessings! 
– Anna & Michelle

Dear Gary,
It’s hard to describe in a few sentences how happy and free and strong I felt when I got off the phone w/ you. You’ve help my whole family out by bringing us closure and letting me meet my mother whom I haven’t seen since I was 4. Thank you for sharing your blessing with everyone. You are a great human being! 
– Teresa, Campbell, Ca.

Hello Gary; Thank you for this opportunity. Terry and I (Anastasia) met you in Portland and had a wonderful reading. I was dealing with cancer; since then a lot of things have turned around and I am off chemo-therapy. I want to make sure it will never return and that I am in control of myself and that I will not shy away from who I am. Terry (the captain) and I are in the middle of remodeling and getting rid of old stuff and creating a new pleasant enviornment to live and work! – Anastasia.

Just Look Up!

Dear Gary, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done for me, and how my life has turned around. So many times, in the pursuit of university based training (either in earning degrees in business administration, hospital administration, public health, dentistry, medicine, and especially during my tenure as a surgical resident), you are conditioned with such conviction on how to think, that you begin to forget how to fee During the beginning of our session you asked me what I could feel, to the reply of, “Nothing.” Soon after, I began again to feel that which I lost so many years ago. My hands and feet began to tingle, as if asleep. But the shocking reality is I began to realize it was I who was asleep. In the session the following day, I thought it so strange that all that those who are lost need to do is look up. How easy is that? Just look up! But how many times in my own life, I too, have forgotten to do that which is so easy, when bombarded with life’s numerous stressors – to just look up. So simple, yet so powerful, it is the epitome of your work. I can’t tell you how much this has meant to me in my life. – 
Nick, Pittsburgh Pa.

Hi Gary,
Do you remember speaking with Robbie and me on Monday, July 19th. We were your last call that was supposed to be half an hour, but lasted for over 2 hours (Thank you, thank you, thank you). You helped us a lot that evening. You led me to receive a spiritual gift of a golden keyfrom God and you led me to God. Robbie recieved a sword and knife to help fight the demons. You offered us a complimentary copy of your meditation CD, which we received in the mail yesterday. Robbie listened to it earlier today and encouraged me to get right on it when we were home this evening. Here’s what happened: I was very open to the golden light and was quite aware of my mind being
clear and quiet. When you asked me to hold up my hand to receive my gift, I immediately felt the weight of something in my hand, but hadn’t quite figured out what it was. I listened as you went down the list of possibilities and none of them were right. I felt something thicker and rounder. Then it occured to me that it was an orb. You said to ask my angel what it was for, so I did, and didn’t hear any immediate response. After the meditation was over I headed upstairs to tell my Robbie about my new exciting gift. And as I did, I thought about how much I have always been attracted to orbs. I have always loved orbs. Then my chest started to burn with truth. I told Robbie all about my experience. He said he knew what the orb was for, and just as he started to speak it came to me too, the same thing he was thinking; Power and Positive Energy. Suddenly my chest was burning again. I have always seen orbs as generators of energy. Bear with me as I tell you a little about my history with orbs. I have always loved Christmas tree balls, marbles and the victorian garden gazing balls. When I was in college, I attended a spiritual religious retreat (Quaker) and through guided imagery with clay I created an orb and just sat and held it, soaking up its energy. I went to a party once in college, your typical college, beer drinking party. I saw a guy there with a necklace on that was a frosted white orb hanging on simple black cord. I was so drawn to it that I commented to him how much I liked it, and he said, “Here, you can have it!” and he just gave it to me! I have had it ever since. However I haven’t worn it in years, but since receiving my gift today, I have put it back on and I will probably be wearing it more often. Thanks so much for all your kindness and healing. I believe after my experience today that I do need to exercise my spirituality through meditation every day.
Laura in Independence, MO.

(One Week Later …)
I’ve had some amazing differences in my attitude recently. I have been known to have a quick temper. Recently my son did something that normally would get me really mad. I sat him in a chair and was ready to really scold him, when all of a sudden all of the negative energy was gone! I couldn’t yell at him! Another incident occurred last night when I was outside working in my yard. I have a very hateful neighbor who likes to come outside when I’m working and tell me what she thinks of me and my yardwork. I was anticipating her appearance, which never happened, but normally just the thought of her gets me hot and my guts in a turmoil. Well, last night it didn’t bother me at all, in fact, I had decided that if she came out then I would just stand there and smile at her. What!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!!
Laura in Independence, MO.

In meeting Gary I have learned a lot, but 3 things really stand out. The first is, you get what you give. If you put out negative thoughts, your life will reflect that, and the same is true for positive thoughts. This has helped me to stay in a postive frame of mind. The second is that no-one is truly mean or evil. When some one acts mean or cruel it is because they are letting their demons control them. When you see the world from this perspective you can truly understand what Jesus meant by love your enemey. It makes it easy to love and pray for everyone. The third thing is to always let your love and light shine in every situation of your life and you will make it thru anything. Peace,Love and Light.
 Eric – San Francisco, Ca.

Door to Heaven

Gary had shown me how to open the door to my higher self and be in touch with the spiritual heaven. I journeyed through similar doors in the past but not a door so immense and not a bridge to brilliant, To see them waiting and wanting to guide me brought me in touch with what I had forgotten and set aside in my earlier years. I now mediate daily strengthening my connection and utilizing the gifts that they had given me. Thank you Gary for your guidance and support. Schailar

Dear Friends, I just wanted to say thank you for the past year! Yes, Thank You is exactly what I need to say! This past year would not have been what it was if not for what you all gave me through Gary and his healing last June 2003 at the spiritual retreat. Each and everyone present had a hand in the healing of my spirit, and thru Gary, God healed my body of Cancer. Thank you all. Since I last saw you all, I have gotten a new home with my Husband and kids, been completely healthy and changed jobs. Everything is going so well and I owe it all to you and the sharing of all our light together. Please keep in contact by at least sharing our light with each other and please feel free to share this e-mail so that it might get to everyone! love you all, Donna

“Look for a miracle in a smile from a stranger, in the warmth of the sun, in the embrace of a friend.” -You are that miracle!


It is difficult to find the words to express the wonderful gifts you shared with us during the time we spent with you -joy, peace, bliss, and amazing are a few that come to mind.

Your kindness and generosity are truly appreciated. Thank you for opening up your home and including me in a truly incredible weekend! The energy from the group of people you helped connect could have carried me home. I know that it will continue and I welcome the opportunity to share the same gifts with you someday.

Thank you.
With Love and Peace,

Nancy B Testimonial

The first time I visited Gary, I lived in Florida. I had just come from a trip to California where I had gone to visit my sister and fiancé who were being married in 4 weeks. While there, my sister’s fiancé beat her up. Although this was not the first time, she did not think this was reason to break off the engagement. I convinced her to postpone the nuptials a couple of months, but I had to return to Florida.
I visited Gary because I was afraid the fiancé would retaliate and hurt her more. My Californian family did not see it this way. I was the only one who saw this man as a threat, but I was in Florida. I wanted to know if I should go back to California to help her make good choices during the following weeks.
First, Gary told me accurately, things I knew -what my sister and fiancé looked like physically, then their personalities. That got my attention. Then he told me things that my sister and I did not know, but found to fact within a few weeks. This man was bi-sexual and had an undisclosed child. A supposedly long sought 10-year-old child showed up 3 weeks later from out of state. Gary went on to assure me that this man was harmless and would not hurt her any further, as long as she did not marry him. This happened even though they worked together, he just sort of faded away from her life.

This same reading Gary started telling me about my husband’s career. I taped all of Gary’s readings, so I could replay as desired and this is what he said, “Save as much money as you can of your husbands income, soon he won’t have one.” Well, my husband had been with the same company for 17 years and his region of the country was the most profitable region in the country. Not much chance of him leaving, it seemed. However, four months later, an unexpected change in executives brought in a man who fired Jeff his first day on the job. No notice, no reason, just good-bye. No income. That made me get those tapes out and replay them!
Gary also described the trio of top executives and said one of them would “stab Jeff in the back” That is what happened. Gary also stated that Jeff should not build a subdivision of homes in a particular location because “it would be like building mansions in the trailer park section of town.” This was true, too. He said, he saw us moving east (we already lived in Florida, how much further east could a Californian move?) live near water and build homes all over. Well, we have moved from the west coast of Florida (our home for 15 years) to a lake near the east Coast of Florida and Jeff builds in Naples, Tampa, Orlando, and Jax. Bingo Gary, once again.

Another interesting thing that happened to Jeff, my skeptical husband, He had injured his shoulder in a skiing accident. The shoulder was frozen; he couldn’t raise that arm or turn the large blueprint pages when examining a house plan. For about 18 months he tried a variety of medical healing techniques, but the docs decided the only thing left was surgery. The date was set. On a whim visit to Gary, he mentioned the pain in his shoulder and Gary said he just learned how to do “faith healing” from a traveling healer who had a tent show in Tampa. Jeff said, ” No offense, but if I need to have faith for this to happen, don’t waste your energy.” They went into their reading. When Jeff came out he said that Gary had ‘done some mumbo jumbo’ to his shoulder and told him that it should be better in about six weeks. The NEXT morning, Jeff woke me up to show me that he could raise his arms over his head!!! He was indeed healed and he had to believe! He never had any further medical treatment and the injury has been forgotten. ~ Nancy B.

Keith Cochran’s Testimonial

My name is Keith Cochrane. I am a 36 year-old man with two kids. Before I talked with Gary I was at a very dark and messed up place in my life.I was at a point where I just wanted to shoot myself. I had a phone session with Gary and he was amazing! He opened me up and cleared out all the demons that had me mummified and were trying to kill me. He showed me how to look into myself and showed me what was going on with me-in the past, present, and future. In the past he said I had been at the cruxifiction of Christ and was a very old soul. He also told me that I was gifted with the higher self, which is rare. He said I have 100’s of “me’s” that I can project into the spiritual dimension. At the time of our conversation I was on 60mg of Prozac a day and he told me that this is why the demons had me so tightly, because I was numb to everything. So 3 weeks later I’m off the Prozac and I feel great. From the time I put the phone down until now my life has completely changed. He’s helped me understand much more about myself. I heard him on the doghouse radio show and was desperate for any kind of help and I got more help in that one phone call than I did from all my shrinks combined! Thank you so much Gary, you really changed my life. 

Michelle M. Testimonial

Hi Gary!!!
I must tell you how much better and completely different I feel from the instant you helped me! I went to your seminar just out of curiosity to see what I could learn and I learned a lot more than I bargained for! You were stunning me at how you were helping people and I felt comfortable enough to raise my hand. You came right over and asked me what was wrong and I said , “Sometimes at night I see and hear things.” Your immediate answer was, “This is sexual right??!!” And I grabbed onto the table so I wouldn’t fall over and got out the word “yes!” I thought I was crazy before you answered me because I had been feeling intense energy at night,which was angry and forceful with me!! Then you asked me if I wanted to get rid of it or “did I like it?!” Well after all the laughter in the room quieted down-I said, “Yeah, I’m done with him!” And you began to try to pull it out and you were having more of a battle because you said he was a “stubborn one” and that he didn’t want to leave me and that “I was his girl!” You said Wow! He’s hissing and cursing at me-he really doesn’t want to leave you-he’s been with you for awhile! Then you said “oh ok I almost got him..There! Did you feel that? And the second you said “there” my body felt 100% lighter! (and I never knew what that meant before to have your body feel lighter) but I felt like I was floating internally for the first time ever. You also said that this was the reason I didn’t have a boyfriend-because this demon would push them away as soon as they would get close! So it was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had- This proved that I wasn’t crazy- I literally thought I was going insane hearing voices and being touched and molested be an invisable “something”!!!! Yeah that’s one to write home about!! Hey Mom, I might be impregnated by an invisable mean demanding thing!!! Well Gary, Thank you so much and I’m going to start meditating and keep this away from me!!
Michelle M.

Harry Hudson’s Testimonial
(Sept. 12th)

Gary…This is really weird for me. I know you’ve heard that before. My name is Harry Hudson. I’m writing you from Birmingham, Alabama. My folks use to listen to you faithfully, every Wednesday morning on 107.7 X before Beener and Kim abandoned us. We remember you predicting the bombing..the explosion thing yesterday. I swear that you predicted that it would be the third quarter of this year. We always really believed you in the first place. But now…it’s like…man, you nailed it! We just wanted you to know that we believe in you. Obviously, you’ve got it, man. We’re still really awed by all of this. If you ever want to call and talk to some true believers, call us. We all work in a little law firm here in North Birmingham. Right now we are all really freaked out about this. Hang in there and we really miss you down here in. We wish that things hadn’t changed on our radio station. You were the highlight of the whole week for us. Hang in there and thanks for being who and what you are.

Harry Hudson

N. Rognerud’s TestimonialGary spivey has been most helpful in clarification of some “unexplained” mental phenomenon that occurred in my life. He is the first person that understood and helped answer the many questions.

It is possible to explain away some abstract mental phenomena as ridiculous and crazy but the real test of any mental physical treatment is to notice if the patient gets better. Some medical doctors will even go so far as to administer barbaric electro-shock treatments, ice picks in the brain and subscription drugs, like prozac. In all cases, such patients do not get better, even though initially it might appear that the patient in more quiet. In fact, if you look deeper, the patient has only become more pliable as he/she now contains less ‘life’ than before. He/She has become physically altered and his natural mental talents have been numbed away.

Before I met Gary Spivey, I did not understand several strange mental experiences, including seeing things at a distance and a light that seemed to follow me around like a searchlight. However, the light was so peaceful, gentle warm, and it always swept away worries and anxieties. I had no understanding of what was going on, until I met Gary.

The bright “search light”, as I call it – was normally accompanied with an altered and relaxed state of mind, and sometimes allowed me to travel to other places and “see” family and friends in other countries. At one time I asked my mother to hide something in the house, and not tell me anything about it. I called her back and told her that she had put two bottles (a dark and a clear one) on the wooden floor. I described the bottles in detail, including the label. She almost had a heart attack, but she is now starting to believe there is more to life than psychics. (smile)

Gary was able to point out that the mysterious “white searchlight” was simply energies from the infinite being, and that my mission in life was no help clean of dark energies on this planet. This initially surprised me, since I thought that one person could not make that much difference in the big scheme of things. However, Gary made me understand that one gifted person can change the vibration of an ‘entire’ planet. For those of you that saw the movie Final Fantasy, it feels almost like being a ghost buster in this fantasy movie.

Since my talk with Gary several positive things have started to unfold in my life. If the past was exciting and eventful, the future now seems almost magical…

N. Rognerud

Butch’s TestimonialDear Gary,

My wife Tracy and I came to see you this Saturday April 8th, and I have to say that now I know why God has sent you to me.

I had been having strong feelings about consulting you for some time, but because of at present I really could not afford you. I held off. But when my daughter ran away and my fears of starting a new business were piling up on me. God spoke to me and said, “Go.” I called you assistant and basically begged him to let me see you. By the way, thank him as well because he gave me a consultation the next day!

I received so much from and through you on Saturday. I received confidence that my decision to go into business with my partner would be a good one in the long run. I received the ability to heal and cast out demons again or should I say be able to allow God to work through me. But the best gift of all was for some mysterious reason the demons that had possessed my daughter were banished and miraculously she had decided to turn her life around and pull herself from the ditch that she had dug. She no longer believes her friends (druggies, drunks, and idiots as you said) are good for her. And you bet I will pray over her daily to keep the demons away.

So if you were doing what you do for more than money and I whole heartily know this is to be true, than you sir are truly a vessel of God and I can say without reservation that I have found a friend in the Lord. By the way, I know that I seemed shaken when you hugged me after the session. I was not expecting such friendliness. Next time I will be ready.

Again, thank you Gary and God Bless your house. Please let me know you have received this.

Thank You,


A Night of Peace

May 27, 1999 is a night I will never forget. I waited over two years to receive peace of mind. I believe it was by no coincident that I was handed Gary Spivey’s phone number. I had already read several books on mediums and life after death. When my chiropractor had heard Gary on a radio station, and believed that he could have answers to questions left unanswered, and he did. He had a pleasant voice and spoke about how this worked. I have to say I had my doubts. Gary asked for a name of who I would like to speak to, I gave my husband’s name. There was no wait. He was with Gary. Gary asked what was with his face? He then said that his face was O.K. I was so overwhelmed with his connection that I was flooded with tears, I could hardly answer. I then told Gary that my husband shot himself, and he answered me with, “In his face.” My husband asked Gary to tell me that he loved me. The last words my husband ever spoke were those words. Gary told me that my husband said he was sorry and was crying. Gary asked him what he was sorry about; he answered, “He made a F—— mess.” Gary said you two were really in love. Gary then told me of our child. I said, “Yes, we have a son together. That he misses his Dad.” Gary then proceeded to tell me that my husband speaks to our son. He tells our son to tell mommy that daddy loves her. My son on several occasions has had a one-sided conversation and when I ask who he is speaking to he tells me dad. He is now 6 yrs. Old. How wonderful it was to know without a doubt that it was my husband, the tears ran down my face endlessly. Gary began to tell me what I needed to know for two years, how he was. He was in pain and described it as his hell. Gary explained that he is stuck between our world and the spirit world. That the biggest gift I could give him would be to help him get to the light. With Gary’s help we could do this. Gary asked for angels to help my husband find the “Light.” My husband needed to know that I would be O.K… feeling pain and sadness, I answered yes. Gary then told me it was time for him to go but I needed to tell him to go, as painful as it was to tell him, I did. After I told him to go to the “Light” the heaviness left, and my heart felt peace. The tears stopped. With a sigh all his own my husband mentioned how good it was to hear my voice. Gary talked to me further and explained what we did for him. That I could talk to him again in a few days, that right now he is where he needed to be. Now that night as I finished talking with Gary and went to bed, there was calmness and peace that had been a long time waiting.

After a few weeks, I once again contacted Gary. He told me he saw my husband with angels and at this time was unable to communicate; but felt that possibly in a month we can try again. As to our son having any conversations with his dad, they have stopped since that night. I’ve asked if he has talked to dad and he simply says NO. Although that night brought peace we live daily missing him. I now with out a doubt that my husband didn’t see the consequences and without giving thought, of others or other avenues, chose a wrong way out. If life seems too difficult to go on, can you imagine how difficult it is for those of us who are left to go on? We reside in Pennsylvania.

Joy’s Testimonial

I was given a most extraordinary birthday gift last weekend- a consultation with Gary Spivey!

My friend Nancy and I both met with Gary on Sunday, September 14th. When we set up the consultation we were told that it is thirty minutes but the session usually ran longer than that. When I asked what to expect, I was told that it will be well worth the cost, and to bring a list of questions regarding anything and everything. Nancy and I arrived early at Gary’s Atlanta office and were made to feel at home while we waited for Gary to conclude his current session. After a short wait Gary greeted us and relaxed for a few minutes to clear his mind before starting his session with me. Since it was nearing dinnertime we asked if we could order pizza. Gary was happy to oblige and even pay for the meal. During this break, Gary inadvertently turned to me and asked if I was a twin. I am. That was the beginning for me.

Gary spent more than an hour with me for my consultation at no additional charge. He channeled my father’s spirit at the beginning quoting my father with a personal phrase exactly like what my father would say were he there. Due to this and other personal references I fully believe that Gary was conversing with my father for me. Gary also relayed information relevant to my occupation, health, house, and finances, and personal relationships and more. His insights were both believable and to the point. He didn’t dress up his answers to make them more grandiose. If he didn’t have a feeling for a question, he said so. He even read my two horses describing their personalities with the exact words that I use all of the time. He went into further detail about each of them all of which was very accurate.

I am a believer in the psychic abilities of Gary Spivey. Not only is he a gifted man he is kind, warm, and a giving individual as well as a gracious host. I can fully recommend him to anyone who desires to gain insight into their lives.


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