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Train Wreck in Madrid, Spain
On Gary’s 2004 list of predictions, (sent to all forms of media) Gary predicted that there will be a train wreck in March. On March 11, 2004, a series of co-ordinated bomb attacks on Madrid’s commuter train system killed at least 186 people and wounded over 1000.

Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson Scandal
In early January of 2004, Gary predicted on Lara Scott’s weekly music countdown show called “The World Chart Show” that Justin Timberlake would get into a scandal involving sexual content. Lara asked Gary if it was a sex tape, but Gary said, “It’s not quite like that but there’s some sort of a little scandal…” On February 1st, at this years Super Bowl XXXVIII, Justin Timberlake pulled off the front of Janet Jacksons shirt exposing her right breast for everyone to see, resulting in what he later called, “a wardrobe malfunction”.

Renee Zellweger Wins an Oscar
Gary predicted on Portland Oregon’s AM Northwest that Renee Zellweger would take home Oscar gold for her performance in Cold Mountain. On Sunday, February 29, 2004, Renee won the Oscar for Best Actress in a supporting role for her performance as Ruby Thewes in the movie Cold Mountain.

Rush Limbaugh Scandal
Early in 2003 Gary appeared on the ManCow radio show and predicted that Rush Limbaugh would go through an embarrassing scandal. Later in the year Rush Limbaugh left his show to attend a 30 day stay at a rehabilitation center to battle his addiction to pain pills which was uncovered when a former housekeeper of Limbaugh’s told the media she used to get pills for him.

Laci Peterson’s Body Found
On March 5th, while helping Dennis Rocha (the father of Laci Peterson) in a channeling session to try to find the bodies of Laci and her baby, Gary had a vision that “both bodies will be found around the edge…in a bay…near a park where they park boat trailers…with a city across the water”. On April 14th, the bodies of Laci Peterson and her baby were found around the edge of the San Francisco Bay. The bodies had washed ashore near the town marina park in Richmond, a town directly across the bay from San Francisco.

Sept 11th Terrorist Attacks
In November of 1999 Gary started having visions of New York being engulfed in black smoke from a downward-like explosion, caused by terrorists, leaving thousands of people dead. Gary said it would happen in the third quarter of 2001.He stated this on numerous radio shows most notably “The Morning Zoo”in Las Vegas.
September 11, 2001 Terrorists flew two commercial airliners into the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, bringing both buildings to the ground, and killing thousands of people.

Bill Clinton Scandal
In December of 1997 Gary predicted in the New York Post that Bill Clinton would be caught red handed with his fate left in the hands of an assistant. On January 17th of 1998, the world learned all the intimate details of the relationship between Clinton and his White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Everything from the tie she gave him to her semen-stained blue dress ended up in the infamous Starr report.

Volcanic eruption at Monserrat
In early June of 1997, Gary predicted a volcanic eruption that would devastate a populated island.
He also saw an evacuation that would leave several dead.
On June 25 the island volcano of Monserrat had a large eruption leaving 10 dead and 9 missing.

Stock Market Plummet and Rebound
In May of 1997, Gary described a stock market fluctuation with a Chicago broker on the air, noting a coming drop similar in time and magnitude to Black Monday of 1984. He noted, however, an immediate rebound of the market just one or two days after the fall.
In October, as predicted, the Stock market fell over 500 points in one day in a selling frenzy, but climbed back the very next day.

Break-up of Donald Trump / Maria Maples
Gary predicted on a 1994 TV news program that the marriage of Donald Trump and Maria Maples would last approximately three years.
Recently during the week of May 5, 1997, the break up was announced.

Discovery of “space fossil” from Mars
Documented in National Examiner, Feb. 1994, Gary predicted the discovery of a “space fossil” showing the existence of life in outer space.
August 7, 1996 scientists find a meteorite fossil believed to be from Mars contains evidence of prehistoric life.

Break-up of Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere
Predicted September 22, 1994, actor Richard Gere and model Cindy Crawford would soon divorce.
November, 1994, the separation is first reported by Entertainment Tonight.

Victory of long shot candidate George Pataki for NY Governor
Predicted during an interview for TV and the Daily News, Gary chose George Pataki to win the NY Governor’s seat, even though he was consistently behind in the polls.
November, 1994, Pataki wins Governor’s seat, upsetting the incumbent Cuomo.

Stock Market Crash
In January, 1994, Gary argued on syndicated radio program with a prominent stock broker that the market would fall drastically in March of that year.
Throughout March of 1994, the stock market crashed as predicted, seeing the most severe
declines in several years.

Earthquake in Mexico
Foretold in September, 1994, there would be a large quake in Mexico within three months. Gary saw no deaths from the quake, even though it would be a strong tremor.
December II, 1994, Mexico City was hit with a quake registering 6.3. There was building
damage, but no fatalities because the quake was centered in the ocean miles from the coast.
This prediction was one in a series of thirteen correct visions in a row concerning earthquakes.

Oil spill tragedy in the Middle East July 19, 1989, Gary tells of an oil spill in the Middle East that will dwarf the Exxon Valdese event.
January 25, 1991, Iraq releases millions of gallons of crude oil from Kuwait’s main tanker
loading pier, spilling it into the Persian Gulf, creating the worst oil disaster in history.

Chemical Warfare in the Gulf
May, 1991, Gary foresees the harmful effects and genetic disorders for Desert Storm soldiers as a result of Chemical weapons exposure. Gary also says the problems will not be known until after the war, when symptoms become widespread.
November 10, 1993, Veterans of the war testify to newboms and spouses afflicted with the same symptoms.
Two weeks later, US Dept. of Defense concedes chemical weapon Sarin found on battlefield.

Devastating Hurricane to hit Florida
August 26, 1991, Gary tells of a hurricane to hit and destroy parts of Florida in one year. The path seen is through Miami.
One year later, August 25, 1992, just 22 hours shy of the exact prediction, Hurricane Andrew came ashore just south of Miami, ravaging Southeast Florida.

Death of Tip O’Neill
January 3, 1994 Gary sees a fatal heart attack for house speaker Tip O’Neill.
January 6, 1994, just three days later, O’Neill dies of fatal heart attack during a routine check-up. O’Neill had no history of heart trouble.

Bob Dole falls off Stage
Just days before Bob Dole’s visit to Chico, CA, Gary tells radio listeners that he sees Dole falling off a stage.
September 19, 1996 newspapers across the country show a photo of Dole lying on his back after he fell through the false railing of a stage in CA.

Gorilla rescues child
A wild prediction even for Gary, in the spring of 1996 he told his radio co-hosts he saw a gorilla making headlines for acting like a human.
August 17, 1996 a gorilla in Brookfield zoo near Chicago rescued a 3 year old boy who fell into the exhibit. A great amount of press coverage resulted.

Disappearance of military plane
On live radio in early 1997, Gary predicted a largely publicized disappearance of a military plane somewhere in Colorado.
April 6, 1997 papers report the search for a missing jet timber had moved from Arizona to Colorado after it was lost just a few days earlier. The disappearance was featured for weeks in news headlines.

TWA Flight 800
In June of 1996 Gary predicted on the radio a horrible, missile like explosion of a U.S. passenger jet headed for Europe which crashes into the ocean in a ball of fire.
July 19, 1996 headlines around the world report 229 people dead from the crash of TWA flight 800 when an explosion downed the plane just off the shore of Long Island.

Atlanta Olympic Bombing
Gary’s vision for the Atlanta Olympics was a terrorist type bomb where someone would die. He also envisioned a tower like structure falling as a result. This was predicted on Atlanta radio with Gary McKee.
July 27, 1996 Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park is rocked by a terrorist style pipe bomb, killing one person and injuring many others. A lighting tower from a nearby stage was damaged and nearly collapsed in the explosion.