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At Home with Gary – Messages From Heaven

At Home with Gary – Messages From Heaven is an opportunity for a limited number of people who feel they have the time, the energy, the ability, and the desire to form a closer bond with God and other spiritual beings, so they can tap into the universal knowledge and receive Messages From Heaven.

At Home With Gary – Messages From Heaven Spiritual Retreat was created in 2018 by Gary Spivey while he was traveling from city to city holding seminars. Time after time people who have attended the seminars came up to Gary asking him to go into more detail about how can they learn to listen to the messages God and other spiritual beings have for them. They wanted to learn how to listen to heaven just as Gary has his whole life. One night after his workshop while sitting in his hotel room Gary received a message from God, he said to Gary, listen to the people and give them what they want. They want to better understand how to receive Messages From Heaven, well give them what they are asking for. That’s the night Gary created the At Home With Gary – Messages From Heaven Spiritual Retreat.

The Messages From Heaven Spiritual Retreat offers Gary a chance to sit down with people in a way that is unlike any other: in the comfort of his private retreat center in North Carolina. This event is extremely informal, with no rigid format or agenda. There is only the pure and unencumbered experience that maximum oneness and total freedom from the outside world could produce.
It is, in short, a grand exploration, and a chance to communicate with God and other spiritual beings, with a handful of like-minded people (usually 10 or less), with Gary in a quiet living room setting.

These three days offer unparalleled personal access to Gary Spivey so you can learn to receive your Messages From Heaven (and anything else that anyone wants to touch upon and look at deeply.)

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June 10th – 13th, 2021



I’m so exited to finally see you all in person again!

Come join us and Be part of my four day Spiritual Retreat
from June 10th to the 13th, 2021

I’ve got so many amazing spiritual teachings to share with you that you’ll want to experience this in person.

Reserve your spot now by calling my office at
1 (800) 827-4279
or with any questions you may have.

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