Learning Spiritual Lessons

There’s a dimension where things occur, always affecting our physical dimension where we live here on Earth. Many times there are lots of dimensions that are affecting our physical things that occur here in our physical lives in the physical dimension on Earth.


There are also things that occur in the spiritual dimension, many times even more than one other spiritual dimension but not always, that happens because of something that occurs from us here and our physical dimension where we live on Earth.


You see, as best I can tell with being able to see the other dimensions and having an ear for God’s voice and the angels and the ancients and all the big beings too, as I strive to become enlightened, I will sometimes have breakthrough epiphany moments.


This is a breakthrough epiphany moment where I’m in one of my most spiritual places in the mountains of the upper valley of Ojai, California. I lived here for many years, spiritually led to here by God’s vision and God’s voice. I found peace and tranquility that I had never felt many times before or maybe even never exactly to the degree of what this feels like. I was able to see things, know things and understand things and how they work within our physical here, in the first dimension where we all live and walk around every day, I was able to understand the dark energies that will sometimes temporarily inhabit a human being making them do things that would not be true of them. I then tried to figure out why.


“Why?” opens up a giant can of worms that you must dig through to figure out sometimes a tiny, tiny speck of truth that may be the size of a grain of sand. As I dug through the giant can of worms for many years to try to understand this whole process, this dance between the spiritual dimensions that are all around us, usually invisible to most people’s eyes but not always, and not invisible to my eyes and not invisible to other people’s eyes once I would show them how to open their spiritual eyes. You see this dimension that we live in, the physical dimension, is ever so important to not only us but all the big beings up in the spiritual dimensions in the heavens.


Some of us are aware of our part. The part we play is a very important part of the whole picture. This part we play would be considered our contribution to the oneness of the whole. This is the most important thing that each of us can do on a daily basis, being able to clear the darkness within our physical while also clearing the darkness in the spiritual dimensions. If you clear the darkness and the spiritual dimensions, you won’t be affected by it here in the physical dimensions simply because it’s not there anymore. If you don’t create darkness – and this is the most important thing for humans to understand– if you don’t create darkness or become one with other people’s darkness here in the physical, then your eyes will stay open. You will stay above all in your truth so that you may understand the words of wisdom from the heavenly hierarchy, your angels, God, and all the big beings that have much to teach you. Because unbeknownst to mankind – especially as more of mankind is in the dark than in the light with their spiritual eyes and ears open and their spiritual brains and hearts open– it is very easy to be swayed into vortexes of giant black holes and abysses of self-sabotage.


The spiritual dimensions and the big spiritual beings are now approaching a time of cataclysmic proportion. This is when time begins to make a difference, I think, in the spiritual dimensions as well as the physical. Usually, it’s the other way, this is where time itself here in the physical matters but not so much in the spiritual.


These are very deep thinking theories but in my estimation, not guesstimation, I think they’re accurate. I now can continue to figure out all the “whys.” The one epiphany I had is simply this: while there are people in the physical dimension that are affected by different darkness, and different dimensions that are darkened down with the inhabitants of dark entities and demons within them, it is very important, and this is where it’s very tricky, and mankind has to figure out how to overcome this obstacle as do I. Or we will be faced with the outcome of learning the lesson over and over again until one wins, the dark or the light. So as I see it this is the number one lesson that mankind has to learn. And if we’re able to do this, we will then overcome the darkness because we don’t have to learn the lesson over and over again.


It’s important if someone has dark energy that’s affecting their lives to try to understand and realize the dark energy is indeed the enemy, not the person who is just the vessel or the dimension that the dark energy is inhabiting. If you have one of your dimensions or more that are darkened down, it is not the dimension to be angry with, it is what is inhabiting the dimension. So it’s very important with your spiritual gifts of light that you receive from God himself and all the big beings above that you use these vessels that carry the light to fill these other dimensions full of it so that there’s nothing inhabiting the dimension that is trying to harm you or your physical world or dimension. Just like that being said, it’s also equally as important that we don’t continue to hate on the physical dimension. Knowing that in the physical dimension of which, as humans, we’re one of the most deciding factors. Because we’re also spiritual beings, at the same time, we must not be angry with other humans because of their overreach, and their negative theories, and because of being possessed by demons and dark spirits. But we must strive to understand this dimension while not hating on the dimension. This in itself is the secret to our path of total enlightenment and creating our heaven here on Earth.


Thank you, heavens. Thank you, angels. Thank you, ancients. Thank you. God, thank you. Thank you, people, for teaching me my lessons. And may I learn them fast and rapidly so that I don’t have to repeat learning these painful lessons over and over again.


Thank you, God.

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