The Blue Flame

As I received these new spiritual gifts, I was a little bit amazed because I really had never been into anything like this before. With all the uncharted territories that I’m always going into, this was a totally different realm.

I didn’t see the details in the beginning and I went up. I would go from there up into the clear stars and receive the spiritual gift of the blue flame, the eternal flame. I hear the Blue flame burns the hottest. The experience that I’ve had with that would be a gift here on Earth that was from Christ or St. Germaine, which was the gift of the blue flame.

This gift of the blue flame always burns the hottest. Many times I would use this when I was working on people who had serious terminal cancers. Sometimes they would get better. Sometimes they wouldn’t. Never understood why that was. Now I think I do.

As I went up to this dimension–and now I have maybe my third or fourth day of doing this–I perceive the light that allows me to clear more darkness further out, further out from the planet, further out from where we are.

This darkness that attacks the earth every day is all-encompassing.

I’ve noticed that my friends on the other side of the world, Europe, get attacked on the same days that people on this side of the world get attacked by the same types of demons. I know this because I talk to them every day and work with them through their problems. This is an interesting phenomenon.

What simply matters is, if the Earth is getting attacked, the whole earth is getting attacked.

It doesn’t matter what your religion is, and it certainly doesn’t matter what country you’re from or your language you speak, or your color. So all of these little things that we worry about down here like color, sexual preference, and whatever else in religion in our customs and our cultures–I think those are kind of minor compared to just being an Earthling.

I remember hearing one time, if the earth got invaded by aliens tomorrow, like something out of a sci-fi movie, earthlings would all band together. Because then we would finally be all one, at least on one subject. We’re Earthlings, one topic. We’re part of the club.

It seems to me that we should probably think like that right about now, and if we do, we’ll save ourselves. And if we don’t, we will probably annihilate ourselves. Big, big, big words. But I hear they’re true.

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